Hey!  Wanna buy a boat?

I have discussed Washington State Ferries’ “Steel Electric” class boats on this blog before.  These are the 80-year-old ferries that WSF had to retire quickly when it was found that they would have to shovel too much of our money into them to fix the hulls that were rotting out from under them.  Might as well use that money to build a new ferry.  Too bad that process will take another two to three years to accomplish.

Anyway, if anybody was ever yearning to own their own historic ferry boat, the WSDOT, in their infinite wisdom, decided what any computer-savvy homeowner would do.  Let’s list them on eBay and see if they sell!

You will find the links to buy these historic ferries online here.  At least that is the link for the Klickitat.  You can find the others from there.  Anyway, I’m sure you will recognize a bargain, since the starting bid on each of the four ferries is only $350,000!  Bid early and often!  Just remember that it will cost many millions more to bring it up to US Coast Guard standards if you actually want to carry passengers on it.  Or even let your friends aboard to look around.

But if you are looking for a large and expansive bird feeder for your back yard — and one with an unmistakable historical and nautical theme — then this is the item for you!  Just remember that you will have to pay for shipping, and the State doesn’t take PayPal for transactions over $10,000.