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Tour de Cascadia

I have been a bit negligent lately in posting to the blog, as I have been away recently traveling to an assortment of places in Cascadia, for an assortment of reasons.  I am now back at my computer, and after a stint of catching up with work, I have a moment to reflect on some […]

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“Motor Voter” and Ballot Measure 56

I was in my local DMV office doing some business this weekend, and of course minding my own business.  My attention was drawn away by the line of people in front of me, many of whom were renewing their drivers licenses or getting their first one.  Many were being turned away for not having brought […]

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Vote NO on Oregon Ballot Measure 64

If Oregon Ballot Measure 64 looks like something that Oregonians have voted on many times before, that’s probably because it is. Measure 64 prohibits money collected with the use of public resources from being used for political purposes, except elections, official voter pamphlets and most lobbying. “Political purpose” is defined as: candidates, political committee or […]

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Vote YES on Oregon Ballot Measure 56

Oregon Ballot Measure 56 is probably the most important of the ballot measures to be voted on in the November 2008 elections.  This constitutional amendment fixes a problem that was brought on by the passing of a previous constitutional amendment a number of years ago. Oregon Ballot Measure 56 is a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment which, […]

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The Safety of Our Food Supply in Cascadia

We found out this weekend that babies were dying in China because of tainted infant formula.  The formula was not distributed anywhere outside China.  Is there reason for us to worry about this, since we probably have stronger food-safety regulations in the US? This probably should be a worry to us. We have seen a […]

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Picking on the Poor — And our Own Children

Sometimes I wonder whether we have the right to call ourselves a civilized society. We are presented this Sunday with an article from the Everett Herald that proves just how messed up we are at a number of levels.  The article, “School Lunch Issue Reveals a Sorrier Problem”, reveals a number of issues about ourselves […]

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Vote YES on Oregon Measures 54 & 55

There are two Measures on the Oregon Ballot in November which are basically housekeeping measures. Both are amendments to the Oregon Constitution. I am very leery about anything that claims to be “merely a housekeeping measure” as they have sometimes changed things differently than we intend. I am also very cautious about anything that amends […]

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Vote NO on Oregon Ballot Measure 58

Oregon, like all the states, has had it’s share of growth from immigrants from around the world.  Most of us in the United States are the descendants of immigrants.  Many came from Europe, others came from Asia, Africa, or elsewhere in the Americas.  In most cases, our ancestors were met with suspicion or contempt by […]

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Exaggerating Illegal Immigration

There are perhaps twelve million people in the United States today who are working here without the legal right to do so.  This figure represents less than four percent of the US population of about 305,000.  Yet, if you look around at the news media and online sources, you will find that most of our […]

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Short Observation on Palin’s Daughter

Just wanted to make a short observation or two about the situation around Bristol Palin, the pregnant daughter of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The first is simply that I am wondering why it should make any difference at all to me as to whether Governor Palin’s family contains a pregnant daughter or any other […]

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