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Election Day Alert

Tuesday, November 4 is Election Day nationwide.  However, in Washington and Oregon, you will probably want to act ahead of time to make sure your vote counts. In Oregon, your Vote-By-Mail ballot must be returned to your County Elections Office by 8:00 PM on Election Day.  You may put it in the mail, but it […]

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Obama For President For Cascadia

We are facing one of the most important choices for President that we have in recent history.  It is not a surprise to anyone that this is the case, as the candidates have spent incredible sums of money to not only convince us to vote for them, but also to convince us to not vote […]

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Summary of Oregon Ballot Measures

I have written blog entries on most of these Oregon ballot measures.  The following is a summary of the measures and how I would encourage you to vote: Vote YES on Measure 54: Standardizes voting eligibility for school board elections with other state and local election. Vote YES on Measure 55: Changes operative date of […]

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Vote NO on Oregon Ballot Measure 61

I am not opposed to getting tough on crime.  There are too many criminals out there committing a wide variety of property crimes, drug crimes, and identity theft.  We must do what we can to stop them. For many reasons, I believe that Oregon Ballot Measure 61 is not the best way to accomplish these […]

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Vote NO on Oregon Ballot Measure 63

Sometimes you just have to wonder what is going through the minds of people. Oregon Ballot Measure 63 states that it would “Allows minor improvements to property without building permits” or building inspections.  This would apply to all renovations in a building that cost less than $35,000. I understand the frustration that comes with having […]

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Choosing Whether We Live or Die

I have been watching an ongoing case in Oregon City, Oregon that involves a couple who let their 16-year-old child die.  In this case, the couple cites the fact that they are members of the Followers of Christ Church in Oregon City, which practices faith healing, as an excuse for killing their child. While I […]

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