Another general Election Day is over.  We have spent the last several months rooting one way or the other on a number of candidate races and ballot measures.  We do it in a way similar to the way we root for our local sports teams to win, only in this race, we have to live with the results in real life.

In this election, unlike some recent elections, there were many more winners than losers.  That’s why I am calling today Thanksgiving — a day to give thanks for the things that happened right.

  • We are blessed with Democratic governments at not only the Federal level, but also the state level in both Oregon and Washington.
  • We are blessed by the fact that the Bush regime only has 76 days left in power.  And by the fact that they are a lame duck administration.
  • We are blessed that Oregonians have chosen not to discriminate against the children of immigrants or the teachers of children who learn slower.
  • We are blessed that Oregonians have chosen to rid themselves of the “double majority” and return voting rights to legitimate voters.
  • We are blessed that Oregonians have chosen to make the correct choices by defeating all of the unreasonable (and sometimes nonsensical) ideas presented by Bill Sizemore and Kevin Mannix.
  • Similarly, We are blessed that Washingtonians have chosen to defeat the unreasonable (and absolutely nonsensical) ideas presented by Tim Eyman.
  • We are blessed that the residents of the Puget Sound region have finally decided to get started on significant light rail projects, and other long-overdue measures to get people moving in the area.

The most unfortunate thing that happened this week was not in Cascadia, but in neighboring California.  Despite the fact that they found it within themselves to put aside any prejudices in the national election, 52% of Californians decided that they needed someone to discriminate against, so they told their gay neighbors that they would not be allowed many of the same basic rights as the remainder of the state’s citizens.  We can only hope that those folks feel more comfortable tonight, at the expense of their neighbors.

All in all, however, it was a great Election Day.  Make sure you give thanks for the generally wonderful results.