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Towing Companies Gone Wild

As a follow up to last week’s report on predatory towing companies acting as bounty hunters and the need to regulate them, I would like to share another article, this one from today’s Oregonian. This is another story of a tow truck driver who took matters into his own hands and towed an allegedly illegally […]

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Obama’s Refreshing Admission

After eight years of President George W Bush and his unwillingness to admit any kind of mistake, I was getting used to the fact that perhaps our leaders were al so set in their ways that they could admit no wrong.  Bush would rather have seen the country dissolve into a mess than admit a […]

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Weekly News Roundup 2/1/09

OK, so I didn’t save a lot of interesting stuff this week, but I’ll give you a few things from the files: Winners Americans.  Whether you like or dislike Barack Obama, he is at least jumping in with both feet and starting to get to work.  Hopefully, the results will match the hype. Hikers and […]

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