I have been thinking a lot about the health care “debate” that has been going on in this country lately.  The most significant part of the debate is not IF we need health care reform, but how to do it, and just how soon it can happen.

In my opinion, this is one of the most important issues that face our country today.  That we do not already provide health care coverage for all us citizens is somewhere between irresponsible and criminal.

I plan to post here in the near future (when I finally get some time) about the importance of providing this benefit to all Americans.  In the meantime, if we take all events at face-value, it would be amazing just how many people are so violently opposed to reforming a health-care system that is so obviously broken.  The answer is, of course, that there is nothing spontaneous about these Republican-Party-organized events throughout the nation.

Fortunately, many people see this organized protest for what it is.  in one of the most brilliant blog postings I have seen recently, Tom Harper at Port Angeles Online offers this blog entry response to a comment in the Peninsula Daily News.  The original comment by the Clallam County Republican Party Chairman is as follows:

Fifty people expected to protest outside forum on Friday
Peninsula Daily News

PORT ANGELES — About 50 people are expected to line the Waterfront Trail outside the Red Lion Hotel on Friday to protest health care reform proposed by President Barack Obama, says Clallam County Republican Party Chairman Dick Pilling.

Pilling said party members will be involved in the protest — but that the local GOP is not sponsoring it.  “It is in fact a broad number of constituents that are coming together,” he said.  “They are unhappy with the fact that Congress doesn’t seem to be listening.”  Pilling said he has been involved in organizing the protest by suggesting the location and by providing information about it to potential demonstrators who contacted him.  He referred to himself as the “lightening rod” for people who want to protest.  No signs will be distributed by the party, he said.

The response to this article is, in my opinion, a must-read story on how the demonstrators at these town hall meetings are organized.  Or not, if you believe the organizers.  I’ll let you decide.