Yes, I don’t live in King County or Seattle at the moment, but I have spent nearly half my life ’round those parts.  I am not going to get too original here, but I have noted that the folks over at Seattle Transit Blog have made the same choices for the Seattle City Mayor & Council and King County Executive Positions that I would have made, had I been there.  You will find a summary of their recommendations HERE.

While their choices concentrate on who is best suited to understanding and acting on transit related issues, I find that these same people also tend to follow my general beliefs on the environment and on fiscal matters, too.

I have followed the King County Executive race with some interest.  Some of this is to find out that Dow Constantine would be a fine person for the job.  However, even more importantly, it is about his rival, Republican Susan Hutchinson, being so very wrong for the job.

Hutchinson has run a campaign of deception.  She has claimed to have no party preference, but very consistently has supported Republican and conservative causes.  She has not been honest to us with her beliefs on the issues, and changes her story to match whomever she is talking to.  She contradicts herself often.  She is relying on her name recognition as a former KING-TV news reporter, but that seems to be all she has.  I worry about her lack of honesty in answering questions, and her lack of knowledge on many issues facing King County Government.

She reminds me of a former TV news anchor and reporter in Portland.  Lars Larsen was a reporter who seemed so honorable and fair toward the issues when making reports.  He seemed so trustworthy in his views.  You could believe that he was being fair in his reporting.  I am sure that the same can be said about Susan Hutchinson.

However, Larson left his position at KPTV News and became a radio talk-show host.  In this position, he revealed a preference for the ultra-conservative views.  His views are so far to the right that it took me a long time to understand that he was not just kidding or being ridiculous for the sake of gaining attention.  He has often stated that he really believes in these extreme views.

Of course, Hutchinson and Larson are two different people.  But I feel the need to warn people I meet that the persona that you see from a TV news anchor has little to do with the actual personal beliefs of the reporter you see on the screen.  Since Hutchinson has a proven history of support for extreme right-wing causes, and is not being open to that fact now, making me very suspicious of her.  The lesson: Take the time to re-learn the true beliefs of the former TV performers.

Please make sure you vote and be sure to return your ballot by November 3.