For those of you who follow Cascadia Journal, you are certainly a patient bunch, considering that my posting frequency has been low due to other recent commitments.  Thank you for being here.

To everyone, I would like to introduce another blog project that I am working on.  It will not replace this one.  I will continue to share my opinions here with all of you who read and care.  The new blog, Cascadia Daily Photo, will take one picture per day that shows some aspect of the nature or culture of the Cascadia region.  This, of course, covers what most people know as Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia.

Please feel free to go over there and take a look at the pictures already there.  I’m told that some of them are pretty good, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.   I’ll leave you with an example here:

Multnomah Falls e1261226157477  Introducing Cascadia Daily Photo

Yes, it is Multnomah Falls, one of the special areas that makes our part of the world so special.  No, all of the sites pictured in the new blog are not so well known, so it is worth a look to see what is there every day.  There are also links there to daily picture blogs done by other people from throughout the region.  Photo: Taken at Multnomah Falls on 16 June 2007.