I have been asked by more than the average number of people lately whether I believe that the world is coming to an end.  Yes, it will.  Depending upon your belief system, it will happen when the Creator says so, or when the Son of God returns to Earth, or when some catastrophic event from the field of astronomy or physics causes it to.  I believe that one of those is correct.  And, frankly, it doesn’t really matter which one is correct.

Yes, a new movie with the incredibly creative title “2012” has recently placed the date of this seemingly important event at 21 December 2012.  This is, of course, somehow more credible than all the other dates that have been quoted as the final day for life on our planet.   The reason why escapes me.  But the fact that all sorts of sources have been predicting the end of the world since the day after the world began, and that they have all been wrong, stands as no deterrent.  We seem to have a bit over two years to live.

The first question that popped into my mind?  Are we using 21 December on the Julian Calendar or on the Gregorian Calendar?  I mean, after all, if you are going to claim that the day was pre-chosen some number of thousands of years ago, was that prediction adjusted for adjustments that have been made to the calendar in that time? In any case, I feel the need to completely ignore the movie and it’s surrounding hype.

Let’s say the world is ending.  Will I care.  No.  Why not?  Because none of us will be here to talk about it.  If the world doesn’t end, life will go on as normal.  If it does end, then there will be a busy day at St Peter’s Gate, or wherever your particular belief system says you will be going afterward, but I’m sure the Creator has that one worked out, too.  When it ends, our worldly selves just won’t be around to care at that point.

I don’t know about this particular film, but in most of these cosmic disaster flicks, there will be six of us (five, plus one more found alive later under the burned hulk of a pickup truck) left to start over with this Earth thing.  The rest of us will be those incinerated skeletons littering the ground.   I will be one of those skeletons.  So will you.  Neither of us will care at that point that the world just ended.

This just leaves me asking “What the heck?”  Movies are supposed to be fun.  Entertaining.  This movie will be entertaining for those waiting for the end of the world.  If you are, go for it!  For those of us who look forward to the Sun coming up tomorrow, then go on about your business.  Don’t bother me with all of that.  I will be the one not caring when it happens.

Of course, it might not hurt to hedge our bets.  Shall we make a dinner reservation for 21 December 2012 at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe?

PS #1: When the world does end, if you want to tell me that I was wrong, just email me here at Cascadia Journal.

PS #2:  Just in case the world does end, I have tagged this post under the category “Environment.”  Just in case.