By now, it has been plastered all over the media that perennial candidate Dino Rossi (“prefers GOP”) will be running for the US Senate to put some pressure on three-term incumbent senator Patty Murray.  Yes, he will need to get past other candidates in the primary election.  However, with his name recognition in two unsuccessful runs for governor against Democrat Chris Gregoire, he should really have no problem winning.

We wonder here about Rossi’s motivation for running for the US Senate.  While it appears that he could provide a formidable challenge, it also appears that in Washington State today, it is unlikely that there is enough groundswell against Senator Murray to see that many people voting against her. Senator Murray has served the citizens of Washington admirably for 18 years, and there are no impediments to her continuing to serve well.

However, there is a perceived nationwide trend toward some people thinking the Republicans have a chance to rebound in the November elections.  Despite the fact that the Democratic Party has done a lot of good work toward improving the economy, toward providing affordable healthcare for all, and a number of other matters; some uninformed people will try to blame all of the country’s ills on the Obama Administration.  This, despite the continuing efforts of the Republicans to impede the government, whether or not it makes sense for Americans.

Rossi is clearly not the best candidate for the people of Washington.  Rossi is clearly not even the best Republican for the people of Washington.  However, Rossi the opportunist is looking to take advantage of the possibility that he could be elected simply because he is a Republican.   I suppose I can’t really hold that against the man.  Being a US Senator would be a big prize.  But I would be more tempted to elect the candidate who is willing to work for us.

One motivation that Rossi has to run is not the “Rossi wants to win” angle, but the desire to make reelection difficult for Senator Murray.  Actually, I believe that it is healthy to have an exchange of views during an election.  This, however, presumes that Dino Rossi will actually present some views during the election.

Here is what I will be looking for in this Senate race.  I will look for Patty Murray to present some ideas for what she can accomplish if reelected.  If we are going to have a real debate of the issues, I would expect Rossi to rebut Senator Murray’s ideas, and also to present some ideas of his own for how to govern.  Sadly, I don’t actually expect Rossi to do any of that.

I expect that Dino Rossi will serve up one version after another of “Bad Murray” in the same way that Republicans around the nation have been crying “Bad Obama” without really explaining adequately just what he might be doing wrong.  The Republicans have been lowered to trying to falsely repeat over and over how bad their opponents are, simply hoping that by repeating the mantra enough times, that it will somehow make that true.  This, while at the same time being the major impediment to the Democrats getting things done.

I will be watching Dino Rossi closely.  I will be watching for any sign that he has an original idea for how he will help Americans in general and Washingtonians in particular.  Sadly, my guess is that he will not do this.  He will not have any reasonable ideas.  He will try for an opportunity to slip by and win an election.  He will not bother trying to make America a better place for us to live.

I challenge Dino Rossi to prove me wrong.  I will not be holding my breath waiting.