Tuesday, May 18 is Primary Election Day in Oregon. However, you will probably want to act ahead of time to make sure your vote counts.

In Oregon, your Vote-By-Mail ballot must be returned to your County Elections Office by 8:00 PM on Election Day. You may put it in the mail, but it must actually reach the Elections Office by Tuesday the 18th to count. If you are waiting until the weekend or later to cast your vote, you may want to make sure you drop it off in person to make sure your vote counts. Nothing is worse than wanting to vote and not having the ballot get there on time.

Most counties have drop sites where you can deposit your ballot until 8:00PM. You will want to make sure you are actually dropping your ballot at an authorized location. A list of ballot locations can be found here.

In contrast to the November 2009 election, there is no vote for president, nor is there the national hoopla that accompanied that event. Nevertheless, it is important to actually get your vote cast. There is one US Senate seat, all of the US House of Representatives seats, the Oregon Governor, and state legislative races to be decided. Sure, the big election will be in November, but this is your opportunity to choose who will represent you in government in the future. No matter your political leanings, please let your voice be heard.

There are also a couple of ballot measures and a variety of local measures on the ballot throughout the state. It is important that you make your desires heard on these issues, too. While they do not get a lot of statewide press, it is important in the community where you live.

It is very important to take that final step and to actually vote. No one will vote for you. Your vote will count, and many recent local elections have been decided by rather small margins. Do your part. Follow through and vote.

Thank you.