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Proposed Portland Anti-Crime Laws

Today, The Oregonian newspaper is reporting that Mayor Sam Adams has come up with a number if ideas for helping stem the recent tide of shootings in North Portland. It constantly amazes me (or perhaps it shouldn’t) that his detractors spent the last week or two complaining that he wasn’t doing anything to solve the […]

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The Problem With Being Muslim

There has been some discussion in the media lately about whether President Barack Obama is a Muslim or not. Despite a recent survey that showed that as many as 20% of Americans asked believe this might be the case, it is clear from the evidence that this is not true. Just because a person or […]

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Not Deporting Our Own Children

About a year ago, we reported here about the plight of Blanca Catt, a young lady who was adopted by a local Portland couple as a baby, raised in the Portland/Vancouver area, and knew only this place as home. Her new parents had adopted her after her birth parents, who had turned to a life […]

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Reactions to Islam

News Item: A group of Muslims in New York City are looking to build a new community center, including a mosque, a few blocks from the site of the former World Trade Center. A small group of “conservative” US politicians have come forward to try to convince us that it would be wrong to build […]

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I Have Things to Say

I have things to say. I have not been saying much here lately. But there are a lot of things churning around in my mind, just waiting to be formulated and to come out. So you will be reading more of it here again. I have some strong opinions on many of the issues that […]

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