I have things to say.

I have not been saying much here lately.

But there are a lot of things churning around in my mind, just waiting to be formulated and to come out. So you will be reading more of it here again.

I have some strong opinions on many of the issues that meet us every day. Yes, those opinions lean wildly in the direction of making sure that the rights that we all are supposed to have are not restricted at the irrational whims of our elected officials and the other politicians and bureaucrats out there.

Some may accuse me of such, but I have no particular agenda that I am trying to sneak past you. It is just simply wrong to mess with the rights of common folks who are simply trying to lead their lives. I plan to give you specific examples of this as time goes on. I welcome your reasoned discussion of the issues, in a place where no reasonable point of view will be shunned, but BS will be called if the “argument” has no basis in reality.

Also, while I will try to remain rather Cascadia-centric, I will no longer be too afraid to wander into the ocean of national and world issues, especially when there is a lesson that can be taken back to our own communities.

Thanks for listening.