In 1998, Oregon became one of a growing number of states to permit medical patients who could benefit from using marijuana to relieve their symptoms to do so.  Some people agree that these patients should be able to use the substance if it is beneficial to them.  Others still think that marijuana should not be used under any circumstances, even if it is beneficial.  However, currently, the law does allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients and allows qualified patients to use it.

One problem that has arose is that the patients themselves are required to cultivate their own crop of marijuana, or more likely, acquire it from an unapproved source.  Over time, it has become apparent that a system would be needed to grow the needed crop, without at the same time giving illicit drug providers an excuse to ply their trade.  Thus, we have a plan, with Oregon Ballot Measure 74, to establish a medical marijuana supply system to provide marijuana of a suitable quality and sufficient, consistent strength to safely do its job. The measure would allow limited selling of marijuana to these patients, if it is grown within the parameters of the law.

This seems to be a winning proposition, no matter which side of the original law you stand on.  If you support the use of medical marijuana, you will appreciate the effort to provide a safe supply of the drug to all who need it, without having to turn to a “black market” to get their supply.  If you were against the concept of legal medical marijuana, a no vote on this measure will not change anything about the current situation.  However, the measure will provide a system to contain the distribution of the marijuana.  This would help to keep the people not entitled to receive the drug from doing so, and would curb the increase in places that offer the drug to those needing it.

If you don’t like the idea of medical marijuana, passing this measure will help to control the supply of the drug.  Passing this measure will stop a problem that currently happens in California, where there are few restrictions on who can provide marijuana.

If you do use medical marijuana, or know someone who does, passing this measure will allow the patients to get a proper supply of the drug they need.  It will keep them from having to grow their own, a process that leads to unsure results.

In all, this measure is a winner for everyone.  Please join me in voting YES on Oregon Ballot Measure 74.