As I sit here North of Seattle, I am in the midst of the second thunderstorm in the area within a week. It is certainly not as impressive as the storm that passed through the region last Sunday night that went on for hours and caused a lot of property damage. The thing is, it seems to me that thunderstorms aren’t that frequent an occurrence in Cascadia.

Maybe we are just lucky. Or unlucky, depending upon how you think about Friday the 13th. But Cascadia is the one region of the country that has the fewest thunderstorms per year. It’s like — I remember one happening last year, but when was the one before, anyway. It’s certainly not like Florida, where they get on on average every four days, all year round.

Not that we can do anything about it. It is interesting to listen to the thunder roll around overhead during the day and watch the light show when it happens at night. And, we got to do both here in the same week.