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Vote YES on Oregon Ballot Measure 72

Oregon Ballot Measure 72 is the third of three Oregon constitutional amendments that were referred from the legislature for approval by the voters.  More than any of the others, this measure is merely a housekeeping measure that legalizes a practice that is common now but was not prevalent when the Oregon Constitution was enacted. This […]

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Vote YES on Oregon Ballot Measure 69

Oregon Ballot Measure 69 is the second of two constitutional amendments on the upcoming Oregon ballot.  The measure would amend the state Constitution to make it clear colleges and universities can use general obligation bonds to buy buildings as well as build them.  There is no organized opposition to the measure. Measure 69 updates a […]

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Vote YES on Oregon Ballot Measure 68

There are two statewide ballot measures on upcoming Oregon election ballots.  While neither measure has any organized opposition, I still feel that it is important to know what we are voting for, and to actually vote for it. The first of these is Ballot Measure 68.  Measure 68 would add a new article to the […]

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Vote YES on Oregon 66 & 67 To Save Jobs

If you see the television ads or read the statements in the voter’s pamphlet in opposition to Oregon Ballot Measures 66 & 67, you would have the idea that if you vote yes on these measures that employers will have to lay off some number of their employees. This is not the case.  In most […]

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Picking on the Poor — And our Own Children

Sometimes I wonder whether we have the right to call ourselves a civilized society. We are presented this Sunday with an article from the Everett Herald that proves just how messed up we are at a number of levels.  The article, “School Lunch Issue Reveals a Sorrier Problem”, reveals a number of issues about ourselves […]

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Vote NO on Oregon Ballot Measure 58

Oregon, like all the states, has had it’s share of growth from immigrants from around the world.  Most of us in the United States are the descendants of immigrants.  Many came from Europe, others came from Asia, Africa, or elsewhere in the Americas.  In most cases, our ancestors were met with suspicion or contempt by […]

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