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Saving the Earthworms

We here at Cascadia Journal are in favor of saving all forms of animal life from extinction, especially those native to our region. That being said, sometimes the issues are not so clear cut. From a recent Associated Press article: SPOKANE — There won’t be any endangered species protection for the Giant Palouse earthworm in […]

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How Big is the BP Oil Spill?

Looking around the Internet, I found this interesting map that brings the Gulf of Mexico oil spill into something we can grasp. The site is updated daily from a variety of sources, but will show the outline of the affected area in the Gulf. If you go this site, you can enter the place where […]

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Sailing the Salish Sea

It has been surprising to me how quickly the new term “Salish Sea” has come into usage to describe the inland waterways that comprise the areas we still call Puget Sound, the Georgia Strait, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Even the name of this blog suggests that the environment of our region of […]

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Introducing Cascadia Daily Photo

For those of you who follow Cascadia Journal, you are certainly a patient bunch, considering that my posting frequency has been low due to other recent commitments.  Thank you for being here. To everyone, I would like to introduce another blog project that I am working on.  It will not replace this one.  I will […]

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Death Sentence for Sea Lions

I have commented before here on the plight of the Columbia River sea lions.  Despite the fact that they are a natural part of the wildlife that appears on the Columbia River, the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife has found it necessary to kill some of the sea lions around Bonneville Dam because they […]

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More Fees By the Mile

It is happening again in the Oregon Legislature. Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski wants more than anything to start a system of automobile taxation that is based upon the number of miles driven. The latest version of this idea is designed only for motorists in the Portland area, but it is a glimpse of what is […]

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Save the Sea Kittens!

You know, I couldn’t have made this up if I tried. I get a relentless amount of e-mail from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).  While I agree with a lot of the things their organization talks about, sometimes they do something that just leaves a person asking “What’s that about?” and […]

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The Sorry State of Radio

As long as we have been talking about snow and floods and other recent weather phenomenon in Cascadia, I think we could take a moment to look at how we are getting our news about it.  After all, if there is really a weather emergency, or simply a week’s worth of snow on the ground […]

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Emergency Preparedness in our Region

A couple of weeks ago, there was an unusually large amount of snow on the ground all over Cascadia.  That in itself is not news.  We were all inconvenienced, but we all collectively made it through without too much damage.  A few weeks later, we are all doing just fine and the big accumulation of […]

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Snow Day

By now, most of us in Cascadia are experiencing some of the worst Winter weather since any of us can remember.  I would normally be at work right now, so the experience is something like the rare day when we didn’t go to school because of the snow.  Even though you have been at home […]

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