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New Seahawks Coach — History Repeats?

No, it is not like me to comment on the subject of American football. I don’t really follow it, though it’s nice when the home team wins. It’s just that somewhere in the bizarre recesses of my mind, the announcement of the USC Trojans head coach Pete Carroll being hired to the same position with […]

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Living and Dying in the US

Recently, I posted a couple of articles on the subject of US law enforcement agents stopping people on the ferry dock to check out whether they might be terrorists. Or perhaps they might be undocumented foreigners that we might find while looking for terrorists. In any case, I thought that it might be unwise for […]

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A Tale of Two Teams

This is going to be one of those “light” articles. Hockey’s regular season is coming to an end. I have had some recent disappointments, as the seasons for my favoured teams have come to a premature end. In both cases, their seasons ended before the playoffs began. I’ll start with the Portland Winterhawks, the Junior […]

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