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The Death Panel that Would Not Go Away

A recent Wall Street Journal article has brought up the fact that the same provision in last year’s Medical Coverage Law that would have allowed people to discuss their end-of-life wishes with their doctors has been added to the list of procedures covered by Medicare. Listed in the preventative care category, a person covered under […]

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Proposed Portland Anti-Crime Laws

Today, The Oregonian newspaper is reporting that Mayor Sam Adams has come up with a number if ideas for helping stem the recent tide of shootings in North Portland. It constantly amazes me (or perhaps it shouldn’t) that his detractors spent the last week or two complaining that he wasn’t doing anything to solve the […]

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Not Deporting Our Own Children

About a year ago, we reported here about the plight of Blanca Catt, a young lady who was adopted by a local Portland couple as a baby, raised in the Portland/Vancouver area, and knew only this place as home. Her new parents had adopted her after her birth parents, who had turned to a life […]

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Saving the Earthworms

We here at Cascadia Journal are in favor of saving all forms of animal life from extinction, especially those native to our region. That being said, sometimes the issues are not so clear cut. From a recent Associated Press article: SPOKANE — There won’t be any endangered species protection for the Giant Palouse earthworm in […]

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How Big is the BP Oil Spill?

Looking around the Internet, I found this interesting map that brings the Gulf of Mexico oil spill into something we can grasp. The site is updated daily from a variety of sources, but will show the outline of the affected area in the Gulf. If you go this site, you can enter the place where […]

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Be Honest

Currently, the US House and Senate are considering bills that include provisions that would repeal the military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for gay military members.  This is the misguided law that, in a military that otherwise demands absolute honesty from its troops, requires those same troops to lie about their sexual orientation if asked.  […]

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Never-ending Racial Discrimination

According to a recent Oregonian article, the issue of racial discrimination in housing is as bad as ever.  In the story, we find that the Fair Housing Council of Oregon sent black and white testers with the same credentials into Beaverton and Ashland to look at apartments advertised in newspapers and online.  In the tests, […]

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It’s TWENTY-TEN. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Now that this minor detail is out of the way, I need to tell you about something that I feel rather strongly about.  The new year is 2010.  That is pronounced TWENTY-TEN.  I know that most of us have not been calling the last few years twenty-oh-nine and so forth.  We have […]

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Continuing Religious Discrimination

We are still wondering about the motivation of how an army Major, a physician no less, could open fire and kill or injure 43 people at the US Army base where he worked in Texas.  This was the largest peacetime crime ever on a domestic military base, and by any measure, a truly great tragedy […]

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Pretending that Our Government Has Common Sense

Sometimes you read a story and you just have to wonder how things got this far. An article in today’s Oregonian tells us the story of a 19-year-old Vancouver WA girl named Blanca Catt.  Despite having a hard start in life, she had become a success story of a bad situation turning out well.  But […]

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