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Dino Rossi Challenging Senator Murray in Washington

By now, it has been plastered all over the media that perennial candidate Dino Rossi (“prefers GOP”) will be running for the US Senate to put some pressure on three-term incumbent senator Patty Murray.  Yes, he will need to get past other candidates in the primary election.  However, with his name recognition in two unsuccessful […]

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Oregon Election Day Alert

Tuesday, May 18 is Primary Election Day in Oregon. However, you will probably want to act ahead of time to make sure your vote counts. In Oregon, your Vote-By-Mail ballot must be returned to your County Elections Office by 8:00 PM on Election Day. You may put it in the mail, but it must actually […]

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Vote John Kitzhaber for Oregon Governor

The race for the Democratic nomination for Oregon governor is presenting a dilemma for me. When Bill Bradbury filed to run, I knew right away who I was going to support. Or, at least I thought I did. I was a fan of Bradbury, stemming from the work he had done as Oregon’s Secretary of […]

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Vote YES on Oregon Ballot Measure 68

There are two statewide ballot measures on upcoming Oregon election ballots.  While neither measure has any organized opposition, I still feel that it is important to know what we are voting for, and to actually vote for it. The first of these is Ballot Measure 68.  Measure 68 would add a new article to the […]

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Health Care Law Links

A bunch of us were looking for links to the Health Care Bill, known as the ‘‘Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010’’, that recently became law.  I have put them up here on my site for easy reference.   Below are some links related to the measure: First is the actual text […]

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WWJD — Vote YES on Oregon Measure 66

I have heard many arguments for voting against Oregon Ballot Measure 66.  Among these are the perceived unfairness of the tax for those who have a taxable income of over $125,000 or $250,000 (whether filing single or jointly), as they are the ones who will see a small increase in their taxes.  Certainly, these are […]

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Vote YES on Oregon 66 & 67 To Save Jobs

If you see the television ads or read the statements in the voter’s pamphlet in opposition to Oregon Ballot Measures 66 & 67, you would have the idea that if you vote yes on these measures that employers will have to lay off some number of their employees. This is not the case.  In most […]

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Vote YES on Oregon Ballot Measure 67

Most Oregon corporate businesses have been getting a free ride on their state tax bill for many years.  Oregon Ballot Measure 67 is an effort to fairly correct the loopholes that have allowed most every business to essentially avoid state corporate taxes.  It is time that we approve this common sense measure already passed by […]

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Vote YES on Oregon Ballot Measure 66

For at least the last 18 years, and historically for just about forever, we have heard the mantra for lower taxes.  I am sure that everyone would love to pay as little in taxes as possible.  It is natural:  We really want to pay out as little as possible for anything and everything.  There is […]

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The Two Christmases

I stand in astonishment at the arguments that We the People of the United States make over Christmas.  For a holiday that is supposed to be so very joyous, there are so many others that are offended at the very mention of the holiday.  Some of these folks, and you know who they are, will […]

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