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New Kingston-to-Seattle Ferry Service

Starting this Monday, there will be another attempt to start a passenger ferry service across Puget Sound from Kingston in Northern Kitsap County directly into Downtown Seattle.  This is a public endeavor by the Port of Kingston.  A similar, popular service was operated by a private company in the past, but did not on it’s […]

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Riding the Train in Cascadia

Over the years, I have had lots of reasons to travel between Portland and Seattle, and to other places around Washington and Oregon. I will confess right here that most of that travel has been by car. To a certain extent, I have not practiced moving around by public transportation as well as I have […]

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M/V Coho 50th Anniversary

The ferry M/V Coho started working the waters of the Salish Sea in 1959, and since the early 1970’s has been dedicated to the auto ferry run between Port Angeles and Victoria.  Today it is celebrating the 50th anniversary of it’s first run.  Arguably, it is the most important part of the tourism industry in […]

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The Two Christmases

I stand in astonishment at the arguments that We the People of the United States make over Christmas.  For a holiday that is supposed to be so very joyous, there are so many others that are offended at the very mention of the holiday.  Some of these folks, and you know who they are, will […]

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For King County Voters

Yes, I don’t live in King County or Seattle at the moment, but I have spent nearly half my life ’round those parts.  I am not going to get too original here, but I have noted that the folks over at Seattle Transit Blog have made the same choices for the Seattle City Mayor & […]

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More Fees By the Mile

It is happening again in the Oregon Legislature. Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski wants more than anything to start a system of automobile taxation that is based upon the number of miles driven. The latest version of this idea is designed only for motorists in the Portland area, but it is a glimpse of what is […]

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Poor Solutions for Growth

Currently, the Washington Legislature is working on a long-range plan for Washington State Ferries for the next 25 years.  The state ferry system acts as the primary means for commuters, residents, and commercial traffic to cross Puget Sound from the quarter of the state that comprises the Olympic and Kitsap peninsulas to the Greater Seattle […]

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Towing Companies Gone Wild

As a follow up to last week’s report on predatory towing companies acting as bounty hunters and the need to regulate them, I would like to share another article, this one from today’s Oregonian. This is another story of a tow truck driver who took matters into his own hands and towed an allegedly illegally […]

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Towing Companies in the News

Portland, as well as other cities throughout the region, has had an ongoing problem with predatory tow truck operators.  Ostensibly, they are providing a service to private parking lot owners in enforcing parking restrictions within the parking lots of businesses and apartment complexes. The main problem with this situation is that the individual drivers are […]

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A Proper Choice for Public Services

As the legislators in both Washington and Oregon are beginning their sessions this week, our leaders are being faced with some difficult choices to make.  Because of the recession’s effects on the economy, we have fewer dollars to spend on the services that we require or are used to receiving from government.  At the same […]

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