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Ferry Salish Leaving Keystone

This is another test. It seems that the last one didn’t work for people using XP. Just trying this out. And the ferry starts to leave about a minute into the video. Video: Taken by me on Whidbey Island on 10 July 2011.

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M/V Coho 50th Anniversary

The ferry M/V Coho started working the waters of the Salish Sea in 1959, and since the early 1970’s has been dedicated to the auto ferry run between Port Angeles and Victoria.  Today it is celebrating the 50th anniversary of it’s first run.  Arguably, it is the most important part of the tourism industry in […]

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Weekly News Roundup 1/18/09

This week I am starting a project that I have wanted to do for a while.  There are lots of stories out there that I would like to comment on, but don’t quite seem to measure up to needing a whole blog entry at the time.  Besides, I wanted a way to make sure I […]

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A Proper Choice for Public Services

As the legislators in both Washington and Oregon are beginning their sessions this week, our leaders are being faced with some difficult choices to make.  Because of the recession’s effects on the economy, we have fewer dollars to spend on the services that we require or are used to receiving from government.  At the same […]

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The Future of Washington State Ferries

I have been a user and a fan of the Washington State Ferries my entire life.  Over the years, I have used them for transportation around Washington, as a Commuter, and at the beginning and ending of vacations.  It all has depended upon what part of Cascadia I have been living in at any given […]

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My Response to a Paid Hack

I have posted recently on an incident where the WSF ferry M/V Elwha had a mechanical problem and needed assistance getting back to it’s port.  That incident in itself probably didn’t merit more than a few minutes thought, but I did take the time to chastise those who thought that a mechanical incident should indicate […]

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The “Elwha Disaster”

This last Wednesday, the Washington State Ferry M/V Elwha suffered a mechanical problem that caused it to stop in the water soon after leaving the ferry dock at Shaw Island in the San Juan Islands.  While there was a potential for problems, since it was some time before they could get generators running again, the […]

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Light Rail for Seattle Now, Not Later

Today, the board of Sound Transit is meeting to decide whether to put a plan to increase the sales tax to finance light rail and other transit options for the next decade or two.  There are strong opinions both ways, to go ahead and put an aggressive proposal on the ballot or to do nothing […]

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WSF Ferries on eBay

Hey!  Wanna buy a boat? I have discussed Washington State Ferries’ “Steel Electric” class boats on this blog before.  These are the 80-year-old ferries that WSF had to retire quickly when it was found that they would have to shovel too much of our money into them to fix the hulls that were rotting out […]

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More on Border Patrol at Anacortes Terminal

I earlier posted an article about the US Border Patrol stopping passengers coming into Anacortes on domestic ferries to ask them to prove their immigration status before they can continue. I am on record as being strongly opposed to law enforcement systematically stopping large numbers of innocent citizens without reasonable cause to do so. I […]

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