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Vote YES on Oregon Ballot Measure 69

Oregon Ballot Measure 69 is the second of two constitutional amendments on the upcoming Oregon ballot.  The measure would amend the state Constitution to make it clear colleges and universities can use general obligation bonds to buy buildings as well as build them.  There is no organized opposition to the measure. Measure 69 updates a […]

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Vote YES on Oregon Ballot Measure 68

There are two statewide ballot measures on upcoming Oregon election ballots.  While neither measure has any organized opposition, I still feel that it is important to know what we are voting for, and to actually vote for it. The first of these is Ballot Measure 68.  Measure 68 would add a new article to the […]

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Fifteen Seconds of Fame

OK, so it’s not really fame, but another blogger did happen to quote one of my blog entries in a popular national blog.  The Daily Kos is one of the 30 most viewed blogs in the country, and offers a variety of blog entries by many contributors  every day on national political subjects. My only […]

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