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Weaning Ourselves From Our Cars

Like most people in Cascadia, I have considered what I can do to decrease use of costly fossil fuels.  The costs both to the environment and to our pocketbooks have become a considerable burden.  It really is time to do something about the issue. A recent article in the Bellingham Herald tells the stories of […]

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Critical Mass: More Harm than Good

Let me just start out by saying that I am all for any effort that will help the cause for more bicycle routes, more bicycle usage, and safer conditions for riding bicycles in the cities of Cascadia.  I have been a lifelong bicycle rider, well before it was the “in” thing to be doing.  I […]

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Le Tour de France

It’s my blog, so sometimes I get to mention things that interest me. Readers of this blog have likely detected that I enjoy watching Hockey over any major sport.  And I will reveal here that I enjoy a good Soccer game much more than either American Football or Basketball.  The latter two sports really rather […]

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