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Discrimination in California

On Tuesday, the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8, the November referendum that took the right to marry away from California gays and lesbians.  As a small consolation, they did not invalidate the legal marriages of around 11,000 couples that were already married. Proponents had based their support of the taking of rights from their […]

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Questions on Gay Marriage

In the United States, our citizens pride themselves on the constitutional rights that they enjoy.  We hold up the Bill of Rights as a symbol of how people everywhere should live.  We are colloquially known as “The Land of the Free”.  We “hold these rights to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”  We […]

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Thanksgiving — 6 November 2008

Another general Election Day is over.  We have spent the last several months rooting one way or the other on a number of candidate races and ballot measures.  We do it in a way similar to the way we root for our local sports teams to win, only in this race, we have to live […]

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Vote No on California Proposition 8

OK, so I wasn’t intending to comment on any ballot measures outside of Cascadia when I decided to highlight them over the next few weeks.  Sometimes I just react to the news as I see fit. According to recent articles, a number of religious groups in California are mobilizing to get out the vote to […]

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Gay Marriage — and Other Issues

We have reports today that the California Supreme Court has overturned a voter-enacted law that prohibits marriage between persons of the same gender in that state. While I certainly congratulate the people who want to get married in their new-found ability to do so, I believe that this issue tells us so much more about […]

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