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Vote YES on Oregon Ballot Measure 74

In 1998, Oregon became one of a growing number of states to permit medical patients who could benefit from using marijuana to relieve their symptoms to do so.  Some people agree that these patients should be able to use the substance if it is beneficial to them.  Others still think that marijuana should not be […]

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Black Friday

Some random comments on this new holiday that is quickly becoming more prominent than Christmas itself: So, we have learned that the day after Thanksgiving in the US is a new holiday known as “Black Friday.”  This is not to be confused with Black Tuesday, the day that the New York Stock Exchange crashed in […]

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Walter Cronkite (1916-2009)

We have seen a number of public figures pass away lately.  Some hold a higher stature and get more news coverage than others.  Walter Cronkite, though he was ling retired, is one of those people deserving of a note in passing. The television was not a central focus at our house growing up, but I […]

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Despite the snow and sleet that has been falling on us here in Cascadia for the last week now, today is officially the first day of Winter.  At 12:04 PM on Sunday, the days will start to become longer again.  I am sure that this can come none too soon for most of us. This […]

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The Price of a Merry Christmas

I have increasingly become irritated with the concept of what holidays have become in our culture.  For most of recorded time, humans have gathered together for any number of holidays and festivals to celebrate whatever their culture deems is good to celebrate.  In our culture, the penultimate holiday each year is Christmas.  There was a […]

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Thanksgiving — 27 November 2008

As time goes by, I have become less and less enthusiastic about holidays.  Most of them were conceived with the best of intentions.  In the end, I feel almost like most of them are lies to ourselves.  Alternatively, most of the holidays have been co-opted by large corporations looking to take advantage of the citizenry. […]

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Thanksgiving — 6 November 2008

Another general Election Day is over.  We have spent the last several months rooting one way or the other on a number of candidate races and ballot measures.  We do it in a way similar to the way we root for our local sports teams to win, only in this race, we have to live […]

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