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Vote YES on Oregon Ballot Measure 74

In 1998, Oregon became one of a growing number of states to permit medical patients who could benefit from using marijuana to relieve their symptoms to do so.  Some people agree that these patients should be able to use the substance if it is beneficial to them.  Others still think that marijuana should not be […]

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The Real Mission of the Border Patrol

Thanks to a recent Seattle P-I article, we now have some facts and figures on the roadblocks being set up by the US Border Patrol on Washington State highways and at ferry terminals.  From the beginning, the justification made by the Border Patrol for using this technique of stopping everyone to make them prove their […]

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Being Realistic About Pot

I just had a case of “What he said.” I was thumbing through articles on the Internet and ran into a recent piece by Jerry Large, a Seattle Times columnist.  I think he summed up so well just what I was thinking all along. I am not a real fan of marijuana.  Sure, I tried […]

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Getting our Kids Hooked on Pot

Let’s start the week out with an issue that is not particularly Earth-shattering: An article from The Olympian this weekend reveals that a bus driver and some riders of Intercity Transit in Olympia are complaining about an advertisement on the bus that features a picture of a marijuana leaf.  The advertisement is for an event […]

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Highway Beggars

You have seen them yourself at one time or another.  At just about every freeway entrance and exit throughout Cascadia and the rest of North America, you will find them.  Who will we find?  Well, none other than the scruffy-looking man or woman, always looking like they need your handout, and always holding the ubiquitous […]

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Le Tour de France

It’s my blog, so sometimes I get to mention things that interest me. Readers of this blog have likely detected that I enjoy watching Hockey over any major sport.  And I will reveal here that I enjoy a good Soccer game much more than either American Football or Basketball.  The latter two sports really rather […]

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