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Thanksgiving — 6 November 2008

Another general Election Day is over.  We have spent the last several months rooting one way or the other on a number of candidate races and ballot measures.  We do it in a way similar to the way we root for our local sports teams to win, only in this race, we have to live […]

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Washington Election Issues

I follow closely the political action going on in the northern part of Cascadia, in Washington State.  While I’m not going to go too far in depth into the races and questions on the ballot, there are a few that I would like to comment on before Election day. Chris Gregoire for Governor. Even if […]

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Election Day Alert

Tuesday, November 4 is Election Day nationwide.  However, in Washington and Oregon, you will probably want to act ahead of time to make sure your vote counts. In Oregon, your Vote-By-Mail ballot must be returned to your County Elections Office by 8:00 PM on Election Day.  You may put it in the mail, but it […]

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Obama For President For Cascadia

We are facing one of the most important choices for President that we have in recent history.  It is not a surprise to anyone that this is the case, as the candidates have spent incredible sums of money to not only convince us to vote for them, but also to convince us to not vote […]

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What the Reaction to Palin Tells Us About Republican Supporters

We all know by now that Republican presidential candidate has chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate.  The choice was unexpected, and as such, most folks don’t really know a lot about her.  Others have spoken at length about her relative inexperience.  Many have discussed why she might have been chosen by […]

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Vote No on California Proposition 8

OK, so I wasn’t intending to comment on any ballot measures outside of Cascadia when I decided to highlight them over the next few weeks.  Sometimes I just react to the news as I see fit. According to recent articles, a number of religious groups in California are mobilizing to get out the vote to […]

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Upcoming November Election Issues

Just a heads up for my regular readers: Over the next 11 weeks or so until Election Day, I will be presenting a series of posts on the Washington Ballot Initiatives, the Oregon Ballot Measures, and on the candidates running for major offices around Cascadia.  Of course, you will be graced by my usual flavor […]

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Washington’s “Top Two” Primary

At first blush, I couldn’t find anything wrong with the new way of doing primary elections in Washington State.  To those who are yet uninformed, the “top two” system has all of the candidates running in the same election pool.  Each voter will receive a ballot with all of the candidates names listed and will […]

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Primary Election in Washington

This is a reminder to blog readers in Washington that they need to get their ballot in the mail and postmarked by Tuesday, August 19.  There are also official drop boxes in your area where you can leave your ballot. Of course, if you are in King or Pierce County, you may have to make […]

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Paris Hilton for President

Yup, this one falls into the “fun” category. The thing is, though, all of our candidates for whatever office are so concerned about saying just the right things for soundbites and about not saying something that can be taken out of context, that sometimes what a comedian says in plain language makes perfect sense. Enjoy!  […]

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