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How Big is the BP Oil Spill?

Looking around the Internet, I found this interesting map that brings the Gulf of Mexico oil spill into something we can grasp. The site is updated daily from a variety of sources, but will show the outline of the affected area in the Gulf. If you go this site, you can enter the place where […]

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Tolls Across the Columbia River

For the last year, there has been a public discussion in the Portland/Vancouver area about replacing the bridge on I-5 over the Columbia River at the state line.  The Columbia River Crossing website has up to date information on the various options for what the bridge will look like, it’s size, and how it will […]

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The Folly of Raising Bus Fares

All over our country, as well as all over Cascadia, transit systems are dealing with the same increasing operating and fuel costs as do individual drivers.  At the same time, those drivers are realizing the need to switch from their personal vehicles to public transportation.  This has, of course, caused an increase in transit usage, […]

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Weaning Ourselves From Our Cars

Like most people in Cascadia, I have considered what I can do to decrease use of costly fossil fuels.  The costs both to the environment and to our pocketbooks have become a considerable burden.  It really is time to do something about the issue. A recent article in the Bellingham Herald tells the stories of […]

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Argument for Doubling the Gas Tax

So we hear in the news that two of our three presidential candidates want to give us a “gas tax holiday” over the summer. They really are kidding, aren’t they? Here, I thought that Senator Clinton was really a serious candidate, too. Sure, I would like to see our gasoline go down in price by […]

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