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Putting Us To Work in a Recession

Our Democratic leaders are starting to lead and get us on the right track toward improving the economy.  In the process, they will put many of us back to work and help to solve the problem of replacing our crumbling infrastructure, all at the same time. At least this is getting started in Oregon, as […]

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Tolls Across the Columbia River

For the last year, there has been a public discussion in the Portland/Vancouver area about replacing the bridge on I-5 over the Columbia River at the state line.  The Columbia River Crossing website has up to date information on the various options for what the bridge will look like, it’s size, and how it will […]

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Argument for Doubling the Gas Tax

So we hear in the news that two of our three presidential candidates want to give us a “gas tax holiday” over the summer. They really are kidding, aren’t they? Here, I thought that Senator Clinton was really a serious candidate, too. Sure, I would like to see our gasoline go down in price by […]

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