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Vote APPROVE on Washington Referendum 71

Vote-by-mail ballots are on their way out for the upcoming election in Washington. It’s time to look at some of the issues to be decided. Again, we are looking mostly at issues that have clear choices. In the latest legislative session, the Washington Legislature decided correctly to expand the rights of domestic partners in the […]

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The Plight of Sam Adams

In the US, we are fascinated with the private lives of our elected officials.  It is probably healthy that we have a curiosity in such matters.  When this curiosity becomes the means with which we try to drive those officials out of office, it becomes a serious problem.  This problem has come up again, this […]

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Questions on Gay Marriage

In the United States, our citizens pride themselves on the constitutional rights that they enjoy.  We hold up the Bill of Rights as a symbol of how people everywhere should live.  We are colloquially known as “The Land of the Free”.  We “hold these rights to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”  We […]

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Vote No on California Proposition 8

OK, so I wasn’t intending to comment on any ballot measures outside of Cascadia when I decided to highlight them over the next few weeks.  Sometimes I just react to the news as I see fit. According to recent articles, a number of religious groups in California are mobilizing to get out the vote to […]

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Gay Marriage — and Other Issues

We have reports today that the California Supreme Court has overturned a voter-enacted law that prohibits marriage between persons of the same gender in that state. While I certainly congratulate the people who want to get married in their new-found ability to do so, I believe that this issue tells us so much more about […]

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