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The Death Panel that Would Not Go Away

A recent Wall Street Journal article has brought up the fact that the same provision in last year’s Medical Coverage Law that would have allowed people to discuss their end-of-life wishes with their doctors has been added to the list of procedures covered by Medicare. Listed in the preventative care category, a person covered under […]

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The Problem With Being Muslim

There has been some discussion in the media lately about whether President Barack Obama is a Muslim or not. Despite a recent survey that showed that as many as 20% of Americans asked believe this might be the case, it is clear from the evidence that this is not true. Just because a person or […]

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Well, it’s likely not the bubonic plague or anything like that.  It might feel like it, of course, but it isn’t. Really, I think I have the common cold.  In my 47 years of experience as a human, the symptoms I have seem to match up with that scenario.  But I have one other concern.  […]

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Walter Cronkite (1916-2009)

We have seen a number of public figures pass away lately.  Some hold a higher stature and get more news coverage than others.  Walter Cronkite, though he was ling retired, is one of those people deserving of a note in passing. The television was not a central focus at our house growing up, but I […]

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Fixing the Newspaper Websites

One function of a newspaper used to be to edit copy. The newspaper never tried to print every single letter to the editor. Nor should they try to publish every comment made online. If the editors wold actually “edit” then the online publication would be much better for it.

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The Newspaper of the Future

We have had some time to get used to the fact that Seattle is now a one newspaper town.  We have found that so far,  the world has not yet ended as we know it, nor has the level of journalism in the city’s other newspaper changed radically.  Of course, change has been happening all […]

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Customer Service: The Choice is Clear

I am interested in all things Internet, and was interested when a new company on the scene, Clearwire, began in January to offer a new WiMax service in the Portland area.  (It has existed in the Seattle-area for about a year now.)  WiMax is an over-the-air Internet connection serviced via microwave antennas located around the […]

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Obama Inauguration

I’m looking forward to it.  You’re looking forward to it.  We are all going to watch the Obama Inauguration and we will have a better view of it on television than all of those suckers standing in the cold.  In a crowd.  In a crowd so large that the folks in the back will be […]

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The Sorry State of Radio

As long as we have been talking about snow and floods and other recent weather phenomenon in Cascadia, I think we could take a moment to look at how we are getting our news about it.  After all, if there is really a weather emergency, or simply a week’s worth of snow on the ground […]

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It’s in the P-I

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I contemplate the rumored sale of one of Seattle’s two daily newspapers, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  While the newspaper’s owners claim that the paper has not made a profit in decades, it is truly important for a city or a region to have as many reliable news […]

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