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Pretending that Our Government Has Common Sense

Sometimes you read a story and you just have to wonder how things got this far. An article in today’s Oregonian tells us the story of a 19-year-old Vancouver WA girl named Blanca Catt.  Despite having a hard start in life, she had become a success story of a bad situation turning out well.  But […]

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The Plight of Sam Adams

In the US, we are fascinated with the private lives of our elected officials.  It is probably healthy that we have a curiosity in such matters.  When this curiosity becomes the means with which we try to drive those officials out of office, it becomes a serious problem.  This problem has come up again, this […]

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Despite the snow and sleet that has been falling on us here in Cascadia for the last week now, today is officially the first day of Winter.  At 12:04 PM on Sunday, the days will start to become longer again.  I am sure that this can come none too soon for most of us. This […]

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Thanksgiving — 6 November 2008

Another general Election Day is over.  We have spent the last several months rooting one way or the other on a number of candidate races and ballot measures.  We do it in a way similar to the way we root for our local sports teams to win, only in this race, we have to live […]

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Choosing Whether We Live or Die

I have been watching an ongoing case in Oregon City, Oregon that involves a couple who let their 16-year-old child die.  In this case, the couple cites the fact that they are members of the Followers of Christ Church in Oregon City, which practices faith healing, as an excuse for killing their child. While I […]

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The Horror of Janet Jackson’s Nipple

Today’s news included a story that the US Court of Appeals overturned an FCC ruling that had fined CBS television stations over half a million dollars for broadcasting indecency.  What horrible indecency could we be talking about?  Well, that would be the indecency where CBS broadcast (accidentally or not) a picture of a woman’s nipple.  […]

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