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Never-ending Racial Discrimination

According to a recent Oregonian article, the issue of racial discrimination in housing is as bad as ever.  In the story, we find that the Fair Housing Council of Oregon sent black and white testers with the same credentials into Beaverton and Ashland to look at apartments advertised in newspapers and online.  In the tests, […]

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Vote YES on Oregon 66 & 67 To Save Jobs

If you see the television ads or read the statements in the voter’s pamphlet in opposition to Oregon Ballot Measures 66 & 67, you would have the idea that if you vote yes on these measures that employers will have to lay off some number of their employees. This is not the case.  In most […]

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Vote YES on Oregon Ballot Measure 67

Most Oregon corporate businesses have been getting a free ride on their state tax bill for many years.  Oregon Ballot Measure 67 is an effort to fairly correct the loopholes that have allowed most every business to essentially avoid state corporate taxes.  It is time that we approve this common sense measure already passed by […]

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Vote YES on Oregon Ballot Measure 66

For at least the last 18 years, and historically for just about forever, we have heard the mantra for lower taxes.  I am sure that everyone would love to pay as little in taxes as possible.  It is natural:  We really want to pay out as little as possible for anything and everything.  There is […]

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All Things Cascadia

There are many ways to describe what Cascadia is. It has been described differently by a multitude of people, both as a region and as a way of life. I see it as both — both as a geographic region and as a way of life.  I will take the rest of this page to […]

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Death Sentence for Sea Lions

I have commented before here on the plight of the Columbia River sea lions.  Despite the fact that they are a natural part of the wildlife that appears on the Columbia River, the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife has found it necessary to kill some of the sea lions around Bonneville Dam because they […]

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More Fees By the Mile

It is happening again in the Oregon Legislature. Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski wants more than anything to start a system of automobile taxation that is based upon the number of miles driven. The latest version of this idea is designed only for motorists in the Portland area, but it is a glimpse of what is […]

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Complain, Or Do Something About It

Throughout our region, newspaper articles and blogs have been talking about the government’s response to our storm.  Yes, we are all frustrated by trying to get from place to place, whether it is by driving or on public transportation.  In Oregon and Washington, none of our city, county, or state entities really have the resources […]

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Putting Us To Work in a Recession

Our Democratic leaders are starting to lead and get us on the right track toward improving the economy.  In the process, they will put many of us back to work and help to solve the problem of replacing our crumbling infrastructure, all at the same time. At least this is getting started in Oregon, as […]

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Rescuing Ourselves From a Recession

We know that many people around Cascadia and around the US are losing their jobs. We blame that on the recession. We also know that the price of oil is very high. Sure, it is a lot less now than it was a month ago. We all know that one way or the other, those […]

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