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Vote NO on Oregon Ballot Measure 58

Oregon, like all the states, has had it’s share of growth from immigrants from around the world.  Most of us in the United States are the descendants of immigrants.  Many came from Europe, others came from Asia, Africa, or elsewhere in the Americas.  In most cases, our ancestors were met with suspicion or contempt by […]

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Short Observation on Palin’s Daughter

Just wanted to make a short observation or two about the situation around Bristol Palin, the pregnant daughter of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The first is simply that I am wondering why it should make any difference at all to me as to whether Governor Palin’s family contains a pregnant daughter or any other […]

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What the Reaction to Palin Tells Us About Republican Supporters

We all know by now that Republican presidential candidate has chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate.  The choice was unexpected, and as such, most folks don’t really know a lot about her.  Others have spoken at length about her relative inexperience.  Many have discussed why she might have been chosen by […]

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Washington’s “Top Two” Primary

At first blush, I couldn’t find anything wrong with the new way of doing primary elections in Washington State.  To those who are yet uninformed, the “top two” system has all of the candidates running in the same election pool.  Each voter will receive a ballot with all of the candidates names listed and will […]

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Primary Election in Washington

This is a reminder to blog readers in Washington that they need to get their ballot in the mail and postmarked by Tuesday, August 19.  There are also official drop boxes in your area where you can leave your ballot. Of course, if you are in King or Pierce County, you may have to make […]

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Highway Roadblocks in Anacortes

On April 3, I found an article in the Skagit Valley Herald that seems to be much more than a small local event. A situation that looks, at first glance, like a simple ferry security issue, but is actually the beginning of a situation that many would consider unconscionable. A summary of the article is […]

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