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The Seattle Monorail

Hello, my name is Bryan, and I’m a transit geek. Yes, one of my hobbies since I was a kid is watching and living the vehicles and the operations of most forms of transit:  buses, trains, ferries, streetcars, and whatnot.  I have, however, a special fascination for the monorail. The Seattle Center Monorail was born […]

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Tolls Across the Columbia River

For the last year, there has been a public discussion in the Portland/Vancouver area about replacing the bridge on I-5 over the Columbia River at the state line.  The Columbia River Crossing website has up to date information on the various options for what the bridge will look like, it’s size, and how it will […]

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The Folly of Raising Bus Fares

All over our country, as well as all over Cascadia, transit systems are dealing with the same increasing operating and fuel costs as do individual drivers.  At the same time, those drivers are realizing the need to switch from their personal vehicles to public transportation.  This has, of course, caused an increase in transit usage, […]

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“More Freeways Will Solve the Problem”

Just when you think that people are getting the right ideas about urban planning, someone will come up with an idea that reminds you that there is still work to be done. An article from the August 7 editions of The Enterprise Newspapers [of Snohomish County] (Mill Creek Edition) notes that 94-year-old Mill Creek resident […]

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Weaning Ourselves From Our Cars

Like most people in Cascadia, I have considered what I can do to decrease use of costly fossil fuels.  The costs both to the environment and to our pocketbooks have become a considerable burden.  It really is time to do something about the issue. A recent article in the Bellingham Herald tells the stories of […]

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Tri-Met and the Steel Bridge

The city of Portland is blessed with one of the finest transit systems in the country.  The crown jewel of the Tri-Met system is it’s MAX light rail system.  It’s three lines plus a fourth under construction carry a great number of commuters and other transit users every day.  Twenty-eight percent of all transit trips […]

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Critical Mass: More Harm than Good

Let me just start out by saying that I am all for any effort that will help the cause for more bicycle routes, more bicycle usage, and safer conditions for riding bicycles in the cities of Cascadia.  I have been a lifelong bicycle rider, well before it was the “in” thing to be doing.  I […]

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Light Rail for Seattle Now, Not Later

Today, the board of Sound Transit is meeting to decide whether to put a plan to increase the sales tax to finance light rail and other transit options for the next decade or two.  There are strong opinions both ways, to go ahead and put an aggressive proposal on the ballot or to do nothing […]

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Retirement Used for WSF’s Steel-Electric Ferries

As highlighted in a news article today, the window for a possible return of Washington State Ferries’ 80-year-old Steel-Electric class vessels has come to a close. A Certificate of Inspection, in effect the US Coast Guard’s permission for a passenger vessel to operate, has expired. The washington Legislature has mandated the sale of these ferries […]

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Public vs. Private Special Transit

In general, it seems like it would not be fair for public agency to be competing against private business. The Federal Transit Administration, a division of the US Department of Transportation, recently set new rules to avoid such a situation from occurring. In this case, however, this may have been done without thinking through all […]

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