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I Might be the Next Accused

I have been giving a lot of thought about my last two blog entries:  One being the story of a state that wants to put GPS tracking in my vehicle in the interest of taxing me bu how far I drive and where, and the other the story of an overzealous police department that questions […]

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Presumed Guilty on 82nd Avenue

According to a recent news story in the Oregonian, a 36-year-old PCC writing instructor, Ann Marie Selby, was detained by police for suspicion of prostitution.  She has claimed that she was on the street, well known as a place to pick up a street walker, because she was catching a bus.  She was booked by […]

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Being Realistic About Pot

I just had a case of “What he said.” I was thumbing through articles on the Internet and ran into a recent piece by Jerry Large, a Seattle Times columnist.  I think he summed up so well just what I was thinking all along. I am not a real fan of marijuana.  Sure, I tried […]

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The Downfall of Society

As I write this, the biggest national news we have seen in the last couple of days has been the revelation that New York governor Eliot Spitzer has hired a number of prostitutes over the last year. Federal agents discovered this transgression in the law while on another investigation, an investigation where the US government […]

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